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Designer's testimonial from page 240

I had no idea that I would become a designer, businessman, and entrepreneur. My experiences led me from the Bronx on a worldwide journey — an amazing career working on exciting projects and meeting wonderful people in the design field, many of whom became my friends and partners.


It was true that I had a very special feeling toward my clients. If I was chosen to work on their projects, I would treat them like royalty. Many of these client relationships turned into personal friendships that have lasted a lifetime.


I faced obstacles in my childhood and business life that caused me much distress, but I always persevered and found my way back to success. Along the way I had a lot of fun.


I would like to share my crazy experiences with you so that you might benefit from what I have learned since I started my first design company at age twenty-eight. Here are some of the key take-aways from my story —


•  How friendship empowers business partnerships


•  The importance of a trusted mentor


•  How to start and grow a successful design company


•  How to hire and retain the best and most talented staff


•  The importance of personality to business success


•  How to evolve a company as technologies change


•  How to take advantage of unexpected opportunities


•  The importance of understanding your own strengths and weaknesses


•  How to swim in sea of business sharks


•  There’s a right way and a wrong way to treat people

•  How to still have fun while working hard

       -Owen W. Coleman






Dustin Longstreth (He/Him)  12:08 PM

Owen, I hope this note finds you well and enjoying life!  

I wanted to let you know that I bought "Shaping Brands" on the Apple bookstore. 


It was wonderful to learn more about your amazing family and life journey.  

And I have to say, I found Chapters  18 & 19 to be spot on and very insightful. :) 


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